I find when something isn’t widely available to me, that I want it so much more! Case in point, the MakeUp Geek Eyeshadows which have had a lot of love since they launched a few years back.

A little background on these eyeshadows – they were launched by Marlena who runs MakeUp Geek TV on YouTube who has created a wonderful collection of eyeshadows, pigments, brushes and more. The products are available online via the MakeUp Geek website and thankfully, they do ship to the UK. What I will advise is that whilst tax/postage is added to the order, be wary of customs charges – I received a lovely £19 charge to add to the £60 I’d already spent.


So, I decided on filling a Small Z Palette ($14.99) with 9 shadows to start my collection off and these have been well documented for eyeshadow storage for years. They have a magnetic base to hold your shadows in place. I absolutely love mine but I’m tempted to buy a bigger palette…for obvious reasons.
The eyeshadows instantly remind you of MAC, there’s no doubt about it and they even come in similar packaging. Each shadow is $5.99 with the newer, Foiled ones being a little pricer at $9.99 which converted into GBP is £3.92 and £6.54 respectively. How crazy is that?!
I picked 6 of the original Eyeshadows and 3 Foiled ones and I am really happy with the shades I picked. I could have spend £100’s on numerous shadows and I spend a lot of time looking at swatches to whittle my list down.

I must admit, the formula is absolutely beautiful and I’m rather tempted to say they are even better than MAC. Yup, I totally went there! They are wonderfully buttery, pigmented, blendable and long-lasting – basically everything you want and need from an eyeshadow.

The foiled range is simply stunning – especially Houdini which is the most gorgeous deep emerald teal that is perfect for a blue smoky eye. I adore this shade because it’s so far removed from my comfort zone yet surprisingly wearable. The only matte shade I have is Cocoa Bear which is a red toned brown and looks amazing in the crease to really transition and warm the socket.

There really isn’t a shade I regret buying and I find they are just wonderful to wear and work with. I can definitely see myself risking another customs charge to get some more shades.



I feel like my swatch photos do not do these shades justice but I’d recommend looking at the swatches online for inspiration. Bravo MakeUp Geek, you’ve really knocked the ball out of the park with these incredible eyeshadows and I definitely have my eye on the blushes now!

Have you tried any of these?

Love, Kate xo
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