I really began getting into my skincare last year – it dawned on me that I was fast approaching 25 and needed to up my game. I’ve tried all sorts of ways to clean my face – milks, balms, washes, foams, the lot. I’d never tried anything electronic until Magnitone Pulsar* arrived on my doorstep. I’d looked at similar cleansing devices online but worried that I’d break out from using so never invested.
The skincare device comes with a charger based stand and 3 brush heads (Active Clean, Sensitive and Body Cleanse). There are multiple buttons on the device for the different functions it provides – of course there’s an on button and an off but also 4 different modes – Sensitive, PulseLift Massage, Exfoliate and Deep Clean.
The brush heads can be changed easily with a twist/click motion and they lock in securely. I think the fact it comes with 3 brush heads is pretty fantastic in itself as with other brands you have to buy them separately. The device comes with a part charge which lasted me quite a while at first and it’s recommended that you charge for 24 hours to get the best from the device. I have noticed that it charges very quickly and efficiently.
The brushes weren’t as soft as I’d expected but they weren’t uncomfortable either. I use my more foamy cleansers when using the Magnitone Pulsar as I feel these are most suited to the motions of the device. I usually splash my face and apply small blobs of my cleanser over my face before turning the device on and slowly buffing each area of skin for around 20 seconds before moving onto the next. Combined with the foamy consistency of the cleanser, I’m easily given a deeper clean.
The handle of the device is quite rubbery so it’s perfect to use in the shower as it won’t slip from your hands. There are small LED lights for each mode and it gives out an alien like noise when using that made me chuckle a fair bit.
I started using the Magnitone Pulsar back at the end of November, just a couple of times a week to try out. By December my skin had become very irritated and extremely sore. This was through no fault of the Magnitone, I tend to get sore eyes at that time of year. It happened the year before but not quite as bad – my whole face was very sensitive. I really struggled until mid-January to revive my skin and I was using steroid cream for my under eye areas as they were red raw. During this time I stopped using the device to not re-aggrivate my skin.
Since then I’ve been using the device on a weekly basis with the sensitive brush head, just to give a deep clean to my skin – whilst I haven’t noticed any improvement to my skins texture, I have found it’s left my face feeling a little tight. I don’t think these types of devices particularly suit my skin or routine, I’d rather use a cleansing balm and a hot cloth.
The body brush however, is good for exfoliating those pesky areas that fake tan like’s to cling to so I’ll continue to use it for that purpose and try to re-establish it into my routine during the summer when I’m a lot oiler to see if the results are any different.
Boots currently have Magnitone Pulsar on a 1/3 off so it comes in at £86.65 which is a fantastic price for an all round product. Whilst it didn’t work for me personally, I would recommend it as it is aimed at all skin types and it’s overall much cheaper and cost efficient than others on the market.
If you wish to check out the device in action, you can do so here.
Have you tried any amazing skincare devices?
Love, Katie xo
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