Two MAC Lipstick posts in one day? Aren’t you a lucky bunch!
As I mentioned in my earlier post, I picked up two lipsticks the other week the second of which was Patisserie which I’ve been eying up for the longest time. I wasn’t too sure if it was a little boring or not but after making my hand look like a patchwork quilt I walked away with it.
I definitely think this purchase was enabled by Anna, she always goes on about Patisserie and to be honest if Anna gives it the thumbs up, it usually ends up in my basket.
Patisserie is a sheer pink toned nude that looks like your lips but better. Ah that ‘ol cliche – it’s true though! It seems to enhance the lips in a really subtle way. It’s a very typical throw on and go colour that I can see staying in my handbag.
It’s not the most exciting of colours but it’s a good nude to have in your arsenal.
Have you tried this?
Love, Katie xo
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