This is the last of my MAC lipstick collection posts which I hope you’ve enjoyed. Now, whilst Amplified’s are my true favourite, I seem to have more Lustre finishes! I think this is because they are more wearable with their sheer to medium opacity and comfortable wear.
I like to call this a toffee nude – Freckletone is a really soft shade but I barely wear it. I don’t know if it suits me but as I said in the video, I need to try it with other things to know for sure.
High Tea
Easily my least favourite shade, I’d hoped High Tea would be my go-to nude but sadly it wasn’t to be. It’s a very pale nude with an unflattering silvery sheen to it. I think this would be better branded as a frost to be honest. It smushed for some unknown reason and I wasn’t at all bothered.
Hug Me
Now Hug Me is a perfect nude! It looks rather bland in the bullet but actually comes out as a medium toned browny-nude. Kimmy K lips here I come!
Lady Bug
Shockingly Lady Bug is my only red shade! It’s a true red with really great colour payoff for a luste finish.
Made to Order
Made to Order is an orangey-coral shade that has a nice shimmer through it and I find it’s one of those shades you can just put on and go.
Naked Paris
I like to call Naked Paris my christmas shade as it’s a deep redish berry shade with soft shimmer through it. I love it for the festive season as it’s so easy to wear.
It’s safe to say this is my most worn shade, especially as it’s gone a little smushy. Syrup is a very strange shade, it’s a purple toned nude that gives the impression of your lips but better. I find it a really grown up shade that’s super easy to wear and highly underrated.
Viva Glam Gaga
I think Viva Glam Gaga was the first MAC lipstick I bought. It’s the perfect blue toned barbie pink that’s super easy to wear and looks effortlessly cute. Unfortunately, it’s not widely available anymore hence why I bought two at the time.
Love, Katie xo
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