Amplified finishes are probably my favourite and usually the ones I’m drawn to when I get my swatch on at my local counter. These are seriously, and I mean seriously pigmented little gems! I’d describe the finish as really opaque with a slight sheeny finish. These usually last about 4-5 hours on me which I think’s pretty good for such good colour pay off.
Girl About Town
This is my favourite lipstick of *insert Kanye voice here* alllllll time. Girl About Town was one of the first shades I ever bought and it’s easy to see why – it’s a fuschia-eque pink with a blue tone that’s quite frankly, perfect. I wear this loads, hence why it’s over half used up. First lipstick repurchase? I think so.
Probably the most wearable of this finish, Chatterbox is a soft, mid toned pink. I really like this shade for when I want a bright lip but don’t fancy it being really in your face.
Dark Side
The darkest of my amplified finishes, Dark Side definitely lives up to its name! It’s a deep burgundy shade that’s not dissimilar to Rebel, I do prefer the latter and find that slightly more wearable.
I really love Impassioned, it’s a pink but with more red tones meaning it’s perfect for those who think pink isn’t their colour. I’d say it’s a more grown up bright lip that suits all skin types.
Show Orchid
Sadly, Show Orchid is a PRO shade meaning you can only purchase from the PRO stores or by phoning and ordering. That aside, there’s no denying this shade is absolutely beautiful, it’s like Girl About Town but with more of a kick and a purpley-shimmer. This one came to my attention after the gorgeous Cheryl Cole wore this during her time on the X Factor.
Vegas Volt
I’m not partial to an orange lip but Vegas Volt was too gorgeous to overlook. I think this is a very wearable orange, a subtle version of Morange which I keep umming and ahhing about.
Love, Katie xo
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