MAC Harmony Blush

I thought I didn’t need any more MAC blushes, I have quite a few and I’d recently downsized my collection considerably.

MAC Harmony Matte Blush – £18.00

Alas, this wasn’t the case as I finally caved and added Harmony to my collection.

This shade has been on my radar for years and it first caught my eye when Nic from Pixiwoo was using it in countless videos. I lusted after perfectly contoured cheeks but could never find the perfect product. Bronzers tended to be too warm, even though they were matte and cream products just didn’t have the same effect I desired.

Harmony fits the bill and then some. It’s a very muted, cool toned light brown that creates the perfect shadow under the cheekbone. It blemds beautifully and can be worn subtly or dramatically so it suits all skintones. Although, I’ll be honest my contouring work could do with some improvement.

I’m absolutely loving this blush. In the pan, it couldn’t look any more bland but honestly it’s such an amazing product that sculpts my face, making it appear thinner (finally!) and along with my MAC 109 brush, it’s less of a job than it used to be.

Note to self. Get better at contouring.

Have you tried this or recommend any other contouring products?

Love, Kate xo
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