MAC Creamblend Blush

I’ve never been one for a cream blush, I think I had a bit of a fear that they’d slide off my face and disappear and that always put me off trying them. I did fight my fear earlier this year when I purchased a few of the Bourjois ones and I was surprised to find that I loved them.









MAC Creamblend Blush in Something Special – rrp £18.00

So I’d been thinking about branching out tea higher end equivalent for a while and contemplated a Stila Convertible Color Trio at one point, with it being added and deleted from my shopping basket before eventually reverting back to my wishlist. So when I came across the lovely Stacey’s blogsale the other week I spotted a MAC Creamblend Blush in the shade Something Special. Now firstly, it became apparent that Stacey’s sales are pretty phenomenal – I clicked on the link a mere 2 minutes after it went live and loads of amazing products had already gone. So, without hesitation it was a case of ‘if I want it write it down fast and post a comment’. I won’t lie, I got a few lovely products and they arrived perfectly.

Back to the blush, after all that’s what the post is all about. I adore MAC and their powder blushes are pretty superb so it didn’t take much convincing for me to give the Creamblend ones a go. A friend of mine had told me previously that she swears by them and I think her go-to shade was Posey which I’m not sure they still do. Any hoo, Something Special is described by MAC as a light coral shade which I think describes it perfectly. It’s a good mix of all those lovely pinky, orangey, peachy tones that I find myself flittering between so to me it’s the perfect combination of them all.

The formula is lovely, creamy but not at all smushy (for want of a better word) and blends fantastically. The blush is well pigmented, so you don’t need to use too much product but then I don’t find it overloads my cheeks either. So you can build it up to a much stronger colour as shown in the swatch (apologies for my surprisingly hairy hands!). I’m super impressed by this shade as it gives me a lovely bright pop of colour on my cheeks that’s girly but without being in your face. It now looks like I’ll be making more room in my blush collection at some point.

All aboard the cream blush train!

Do you recommend any other shades or brands for cream blush?

Love, Katie xo
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