lw-midnight-diva-lashes, laurens-way
lw-midnight-diva-lashes, laurens-way
lw-midnight-diva-lashes, laurens-way
lw-midnight-diva-lashes, laurens-way
I’m absolutely terrible when it comes to false lashes – I blame my lack of co-ordination and my small eyes. So much so, I’ve been known to throw an paddy if they don’t go on right away.
So with that in mind – I present to you the best lashes I’ve ever tried or applied. Ever. Bold statement I know but the LW Midnight Diva Lashesare simply fantastic. I am beyond impressed with these beautiful lashes.
What makes these so different? 
They have an extremely thin spine which means they are comfortable to wear and it almost feels like you have no lashes on. The thin spine is a god-send when applying as they just seem to fit perfectly on my lash line with little effort and I’m getting really good at applying them too. The glue dries to a tacky finish instantly and holds all night. In fact, I did accidentally sleep in these last weekend and they stayed in tact. Naughty.
I did have to trim them down considerably (small eyes syndrome) but I can use the ends I trimmed almost like individual lashes just to add a bit more volume at the outer corners. I’ve used these exact lashes three times already and they’re as good as new.
For £6.95, they remind me of the MAC lashes but cheaper and easier to apply. They also come in a similar casing to the MAC ones which is really handy and perfect for storing.
I have my eye on the 4-piece Ultimate Lash Set which is an absolute steal at £20.00. I will definitely be trying the other 3 styles and stocking up soon.
Have you tried these? What are your favourite lashes?
Love, Katie xo
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