The Body Shop has always been one of my favourite places for bath goodies, even from a young age I’d steal my Mum’s stash. As I grew up, my interest in the brand seemed to falter, through no fault of theirs but I was interested in trying new things. I found I had the same change with Soap and Glory.
 In recent years, the brand has moved forward and I have seen it improve with each new line and I’ve found myself getting excited again.
I’ve become a bit of a bath obsessor in recent months and so I’ve been reaching for more pamper based products to give my skin and mind a real ‘feel good factor’. Nothing quite beats a hot bath and super luxurious products to go with it.
Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt* (£8.00) was released last year and I must say anything that includes the words bubble and melt is immediately on my radar. I really enjoy using this as it gives the bath a good amount of bubbles but more importantly it makes my skin feel instantly nourished and soft.
I hadn’t heard of the Spa Fit range but the Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub* (£14.00) definitely caught my eye. I love body scrubs but I am extremely picky – they have to be a good level of abrasive without drying or chafing (hate that word! ha) the skin. I’ve favoured salt scrubs in recent times but this scrub has certainly turned my head. It smells delicious first of all, very zesty and fruity but it is nicely abrasive, leaving my skin feeling soft, buffed and nourished. It does a good enough job that I only really have to use it twice a week maximum.
What products, body wise are you loving from The Body Shop?
Love, Kate xo
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