Lush Comforter – my bath BFF

In recent months, I’ve become a true water baby.

Nothing makes me more content than a hot, relaxing bath these days. Yup, I’ve entered my golden years early and I’m kinda okay with that.
I find when I’m feeling really overwhelmed, stressed or anxious that a bath just settles me down and helps me unwind, whether it’s before bed or I need a good wind down on a weekend.
I think that’s why I’ve really got into Lush Cosmetics. I didn’t really ‘get it’ before but now I can’t get enough of their bath bombs and bubble bars when it comes to bath time.
One product that I’ve re-purchased quite a few times is The Comforter Bubble Bar (£4.75) which is by far the best that I’ve tried simply because it just does it all…oh and it’s pink.
This photo doesn’t do it justice – the bath ends up really bubbly and bright pink which makes me instantly happy.
The bar is quite large so you can break bits off and stretch out how many baths you get for your buck. I tend to manage 4 baths out of my bar which isn’t bad going when it’s less than a fiver.
The best way I’d describe the feeling of the comforter is like a relaxing blanket that pushes aside any bad feelings and I know it sounds crazy but I find it brings me back to a good place mentally. That in turn makes me sleep better and feel fresher, ready for the next day.
The scent is very blackcurrant based which I love and there’s bergamot and cyprus oils to uplift and calm respectively. I have to ensure I have a Comforter in my bathroom at all times as I’ve become very reliant on it especially during recent hard times.
I know this is a great one for pregnant ladies as my best friend loved using this – so if it works on her then there’s hope for us all.
Have you tried anything like this?

Love, Kate xo
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