If you’ve read my blog for some time, you’ll know I’m very pro-liquid foundation. In fact it’s become a bit of an addiction over time. I’ve found myself with a vast array of brands, finishes and coverage. So, the thought always passed through my mind – would I enjoy mineral foundations the same way?
In stepped L’Oreal True Match Mineral Powder Foundation in Golden Natural* which is probably the only mineral foundation I’ve really thought about using. I’ve seen a few reviews and tutorials about and it seemed like a good fit.
mineral-foundation-reviewI’m quite tanned at the moment through a mix of fake tan and the relatively good weather we’ve been having so Golden Natural would probably be a smidge too dark in the winter but for summer I’m all over it.
Deciding how to apply was my main concern – having never used a mineral foundation before. The foundation comes with it’s own brush but I’ll be honest, it’s not the softest. I decided a flat topped brush was probably my best bet and settled on my latest obsession, the elf Powder Brush which works for both powder and liquid alike. It’s really the bees knees.
Using a buffing motion, I work this round my face and concentrate on the areas where I need most coverage which is pretty much the centre of my face. The application process can be a little messy so tapping off any excess is required. I was concerned I would need quite a lot of product to get the desired finish but that really wasn’t the case.
I decided for the purpose of this post that I’d show the foundation can be worn on top of liquid foundation and also on it’s own.
For extra coverage, I applied the powder over my L’Oreal True Match Foundation (more on that soon) and it works as a good combination for nights out when you need extra coverage and for your skin to look that extra bit flawless. I was worried the powder would darken my foundation and it did ever so slightly but I prefer a slightly darker tone for an evening.
I then took all my slap off and applied the foundation on it’s own – I was left with a really natural, build-able coverage that left my skin looking flawless whilst still allowing my freckles to show through. This would be perfect for lazy days, oilier complexions and summer holidays.
The foundation is made from 99% minerals which allows the skin to breathe and doesn’t clog pores the way that liquid foundations can. It also has SPF 15 included to protect the face from the sun’s harmful rays.
I’m really impressed by this foundation, especially considering it was out of my comfort zone. I definitely think I’ll be looking into other mineral foundations now.
What mineral foundations do you rate?
Love, Katie xo
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