I probably like foundation as much as I like lipstick – and that’s a lot. I like both high-end and drugstore in equal doses and to be quite honest my daily make up draws boast at least 7 that I’m meant to have on-the-go at any one time. Yikes. I’ve been reaching for L’Oreal True Match Foundation almost daily for the past few months.
I’m 100% in love with this foundation – it covers well, lasts well, blends like a dream and it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey in the slightest. I wear the shade ‘Rose Vanilla (C2)‘ which I find is a pretty good match for me, maybe at a push it’s slightly too yellow for me but my skin’s been a little blotchy recently so it counteracts redness well.
The finish is very natural, almost satin like on my skin which means I don’t have to continually powder throughout the day. It gives the effect of my skin, only 100% better and much more even. I’ve found this is a medium coverage foundation but you can wear it lighter or build for more coverage. The foundation also covers any uneven skin tone or imperfections well meaning that my concealing duties are kept to a minimum. *sassy dance* 
True Match comes in 23 different shades which is pretty amazing especially for a drugstore brand. Also, the True Match range is pretty darn good.
Oh and did I mention it blends like an absolute dream? I use my elf Powder Brush to apply and it’s the easiest, quickest application of any foundation. A few swift circular motions later and my skin looks top notch.  *insert ‘ok’ emoji where necessary*
What’s your favourite drugstore foundation?


Love, Kate xo
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