I’m a bit of a matte lip junkie at the moment, I don’t quite know where this love of all things anti-shine has come from but I’m gravitating to any matte products. So, typically I picked up the L’Oreal Glam Matte Intense Matte Gloss in the shade Fuchsia Flare which is a majorly bright pink shade that really pop’s on the lips.
So let’s start with the fact this product isn’t exactly matte. Can a lipgloss ever really be 100% matte? Sure the colour is quite flat but there’s quite a bit of slip in texture and there’s a fair bit of sheen as the lips catch the light.
Now, the whole matte thang aside, it’s quite a nice lipgloss as it applies very opaque and evenly which sometimes can be hard to come by with lip glosses. The wear time on this is great too, as it lasts a good few hours before evenly wearing down to a bright pink stain. It layers well too without any clumping which rather surprised me because the consistency is quite thick.
A nice gloss if you’re after opaque lips but not if you’re wanting full on matte.
Are you a matte lover?
Love, Kate xo
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