L’Oreal lipsticks are just so underrated. Honestly, I’ve never met one I didn’t like. Firstly, they taste like parma violets and that’s a-ok with me!
You may have noticed my L’Oreal Pure Red’s feature was my most popular last year and I recently came across an addition to their Color Riche Exclusive Nudes, or at least I’d never come across it before, in the shade Jlo’s Nude (£6.99). I already have the Julianne’s Nude and have had it in my collection for quite some time but felt the rest of the shades weren’t great, especially in comparison with the fabulous Pure Red’s collection which boasts some bloody gorgeous shades.


When I think of a Jennifer Lopez style lip, I think of the palest of pale brown nudes that sadly they don’t work on my skin. I swatched it anyway and was pleasantly surprised that whilst it wasn’t particularly pink, it did have some warmer, more flattering tones running through it. It was almost a peachy, nude which I think is really pretty.
So, off in my 3-for-2 basket it went and I’ve actually been reaching for it on a day-to-day basis more often than I thought I would. The formula is extremely moisturising and comfortable on my lips giving them a juicer, plumper appearance. The shade has a slight shimmer to it that catches the light beautifully without looking too much. It’s such a good shade to compliment an extremely smoky eye!
I actually like it a lot more than the Julianne Moore version which I thought was the best of the bunch.
How do you feel about L’Oreal lipsticks?


Love, Kate xo
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