Yesterday it was all about the Matte Balms, today the Lacquers get their day in the sun…
Let’s start with the packaging – hellooooo, gorgeous! I love a good metallic finish when it comes to packaging and these are no exception. As with the matte versions, they have a slightly minty taste, I’d say the minty scent is much more prominent in these lacquers but I personally quite like it. It makes my lips feel fresh and cool.
I picked the shades Demure (a mix of peachy, pink nude goodness) and Coquette (the perfect medium pink) – although Demure is a lot more nude than it’s come across on camera. These both have a subtle shim-shim running through them to add to the beautiful sheen that graces the lips upon application. I find the finish gives my lips a much fuller look with the light-enhancing sheen giving them a boost.
These aren’t as slippy as you’d think, they’re very moisturising and non-sticky but last nicely on the lips. I’d say they last a good 2 hours or so before needing to re-apply. They’re extremely comfortable to wear, as I’d kind of expected.
Lovely formula on these – don’t think I could pick between the Lacquers and the Mattes so I’ll have to leave that choice to you!
Have you given these a whirl?
Love, Katie xo
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