Life update

Sorry for the lack of posts guys, since I got back last week everything has been a bit on the mental side.

Then on Tuesday, my Grandma got admitted into hospital and she’s gravely ill so I’ve not even begun to write any posts or do anything blog related. I’ve still got a video that’s half edited.

As much as I shouldn’t feel bad for taking a moment to myself, I feel incredibly guilty neglecting my blog. It’s my baby and I thoroughly enjoy spending time putting posts together and I think it’ll be good for me to focus on something that makes me happy during a time like this.

Part of me wants to put all my energy into my blog and the other half just wants to sit and cry. I’m hoping I end up somewhere in between so my blog doesn’t suffer. I’d hoped to hit 2000 followers by January so I could finally do a giveaway but it’s looking less likely due to my lack of posting. I’m currently 134 followers away from hitting my target which is absolutely incredible. In January this year, I hit 1000 followers which blew my mind, so to think in a year I’ve almost doubled the amount of followers, really overwhelms me.
I have about 20 drafted posts and I wanted to do some Christmas looks to get in the festive mood but I’ll be honest, I’m finding it really hard to get in the spirit of the season. I turned 26 last week and it just didn’t feel like my birthday. I know my Grandma would want me to be happy and enjoy myself but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to function on a daily basis let alone run my blog. Then I think, my blog or youtube wouldn’t be as successful if it wasn’t for my Grandma. She kindly let me borrow the money to buy my camera nearly two years ago and she has always been so supportive of me.
So yeah, I’m pretty conflicted so I guess I’m just going to see how I get on. If I mange to write a post, then great but if I don’t then so be it. I hope you guys understand where I’m coming from and will stick by me!
Thank you for all the support and love this year and I hope it continues. 
Love, Kate xo
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