Today I bring you something a little different…I’m talking about removal – of the mole kind.
Whether you’re feeling self conscious or you’re worried about potential health risks, mole’s aren’t usually something which we’d like to see more of, like say freckles right?
Growing up, it’s easy to be ridiculed for being different and mole’s have always been seen in a negative light- I have a few moles myself but I’ve never really considered having them removed as they’re not in really obvious places. I’ve known a few people who’ve had them on their faces or arms and been really disheartened and embarrassed by them.
Vanity aside, there’s the health worry – could they become malignant and cancerous? It’s hard to know what’s considered normal and what isn’t as they can all look different. Moles are clusters of pigmentation that are darker than a persons skin tone but can also be enlarged, scabbed or even hairy.
Did you know?
Those with fairer skin tones are more likely to have moles?
Moles often appear within the first 30 years of your life?
 When I heard about SK:N Clinics, I was taken aback by the sheer volume of treatments that they do, including mole removal.
  • Smaller ones can be taken care of with laser treatment, which uses thermal energy to break down the mole. This treatment can also deal with unwanted hair in and around the mole. It can be a little uncomfortable, like being out in very warm sunlight, but this is kept under control.
  • There are also two surgical treatments. For moles that stick out from the surface, they can simply be “shaved” away under local anaesthetic.
  • Other moles can be cut away, again under local anaesthetic, though this will require a small stitching of the skin.
With all mole removal treatment, the skin left behind may be tender for a few days and may need to be kept under wraps until it has recovered. It’s also best to use strong sunscreen on the area for six months or so as it will be more sensitive to sunlight.What’s great is that there are 40 SK:N treatment centres throughout the UK which can be found here.

 They offer a convenient price plan and consultation service as well as aftercare support.Have you ever considered a skin related treatment?

Love, Katie xo
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