A little bit of a different post today – however it’s all about hair!
I wanted to write a little about a site that is new to me, which is dedicated to keeping you up to date with all the latest hair goings on. There’s loads of content on the site – including a fantastic “Find A Style” section where you can filter styles to your hair length, colour and texture. Then you’re given product/tool ideas to re-create the look. Pretty nifty huh?
You can also find a product too with a really easy navigation and you can search in depth whether it’s shampoo, masks or even brushes. It’s a really great way of seeing what’s available in the market. There’s an added filter too – by brand and by what you’re wanting out of the product. Each product comes with the what? who? when? how? broken down for the nitty gritty information.
Not only is there these fantastic search options but there’s news and reviews too. Expect some serious hair-envy going on! If you’re hair mad and want all the latest style and product news then I really recommend checking the site out. It’s fantastic for when you’re in a hair rut and fancy a change because there’s so much information to absorb.
Finally, Layered have quite a few competitions ongoing including the chance to win an appointment with celebrity hair stylist Andrew Barton worth £550!
I hope you check the site out, it’s one of those sites you find yourself scrolling through for hours.
Love, Katie xo
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