Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation (35ml) – £33.00

You know when you umm and ahh about a product and it seems to just stay on your wishlist? For me that product is Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. I’d attempted to buy it before but my shade, Beige Ivory seemed to be out of stock most places. So it stayed on my wishlist for another month. That was until last month when I finally found my shade and went for it. Of course my £5 discount thanks to my Nduldge Card gave me the nudge I needed.

I’d originally tried the foundation whilst in Space NK and hoped I’d still like it when I got home. I do try to spend a lot of time reading reviews before I buy things and I think that’s why it took me so long to do a Disappointing Products video.

This foundation is a medium but buildable coverage which ticks the first box for me. I like a good amount of coverage and to have the option of building that for evenings out. For some reason my freckles have been something that I have always felt the need to cover up, not sure why.

Now this foundation is seriously pigmented, to the point where you only have to use the smallest amount (pea size if you will) as a little goes a long way and easily covers my entire face. I do still find myself using a little too much as its taking me a while to get used to actually using less foundation. At least I know the 35ml tube will last me a while.

At first I struggled to decide on which brush would be best suited to the foundation as it has quite a thick, almost paste like consistency. I tried my usual Real Techniques Buffing Brush but I felt it held too much product in the brush itself. So I turned to my often neglected Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and I’m quite happy with that combination as the brush is a lot more compact and more rigid so I feel I can work it into the skin flawlessly. I’m tempted to try a ‘beauty blender’ type sponge soon as I think that would work really well.

The finish is semi-matte with a slight radiance so I do still feel the need to powder. Although to be fair, I think I’m that used to powdering with my oily t-zone that I couldn’t not. Despite that, I don’t find myself powdering too often throughout the day and the foundation seems to last all day.

Have you used this? Can you recommend any other Laura Mercier products?

Love, Katie xo
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