It seems everything I try from Laura Mercier is like finding gold dust! My collection grows by the day (coming soon, the Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser!) and I can’t say I’ve found a duff product yet and the brand is creeping up towards top spot on my favourites.

My latest purchase was the Oil Free Foundation Primer – not that I needed it as I’ve got the Radiance and regular Primer stashed away in my draw. I’d been eyeing this up for a while as I don’t really have any primers aimed at oily skin types. Being a greasy t-zone gal, this was quickly on my wish list.

I’ve been using this for a good month or so and I’m so happy I went for it and gave it a whirl. I’ve noticed quite a distinct difference with/without the primer. For starters, my make up really is lasting a heck of a lot longer, even lighter coverage bases. You know sometimes when you look in the mirror one minute you’re full faced and the next you’re bare as can be? That often happens to me, especially with lighter bases. However, since using this lovely primer, my make up does not budge and give found my oily shine is reduced considerably.

The formula of this is quite creamy but extremely lightweight, my skin doesn’t feel massively matte but I am left with a shine free, smooth canvas prior to foundation. In fact it feels quite hydrated which is great as my skin can breathe even with foundation on top.

I really recommend this for oily faced gals like myself – has anyone any primer recommendations?

Love, Katie xo

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