I’ve been a fan of La Roche-Posay for the past year having used a fair few of their delightful products. As I have quite oily skin, their Effaclar range has been my go-to section of the brand.
I’m a massive fan of their Effaclar Duo+* which I found completely transformed my skin. I don’t have acne but I do get the ol’ hormonal blemishes on a monthly basis and my cheeks have this weird bumpy texture that I find really unflattering and hard to get rid of. This tube of magic has really tackled the problem and I’ve found a massive improvement in my skin tone and texture when using this product. I’ve also noticed a decline when not using it too.
So, knowing how brilliant the Effaclar range is, it was no surprise that La Roche-Posay have brought out a 3-step Anti-Blemish System* (RRP £32.50) to tackle blemish prone skin. What’s great about this is that you have a cleanser, a toner and a cream which is pretty much the backbone of all skincare routines. The kit boasts a 24hr time period for improvement and comes with a 6 week supply. I actually think the supply will last a lot longer than 6 weeks.
Way to go LRP!
I absolutely love this set, it’s the perfect starter pack for any one worrying about oily skin as this pack aims to clarify, purify and unclog the skin in 3 simple steps. Not only that but the set offers a “Clearer Skin or Your Money Back” guarantee until February 2015!
The first step is the Purifying Foaming Gel for Oily/Sensitive Skin* which you’d use to really cleanse your skin. It reduces excess sebum which causes blemishes/spots and removes impurities in the skin. You can double cleanse (remove make up and cleanse again) or just use this all over to remove your make up. I don’t double cleanse everyday but I do use cleansers, like this one, to remove my make up. You can use this both morning and night because it’s a very simple application. Use a small amount of the gel and mix a little water to lather and then proceed in massaging it into the skin, using circular motions. Once you’ve done this for a good minute or so, take either a hot flannel/cloth or your hands and rinse the product off your face. This really does leave a very purified feel to the skin without feeling stripping at all. My skin feels very refreshed and super clean whilst remaining very hydrated.
Next up is the Clarifying Toner* which I absolutely love! This is actually exclusive to this set and cannot be bought seperately. I apply this on a cotton pad and gently sweep over my face and I must admit, it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The toner is very cooling and soothing whilst it mattifies the skin. It also works to reduce the size of pores and I have noticed a difference in my pores as they are less obvious.
The final step is the ever-popular, Effaclar Duo+* which quite frankly is the bee’s knee’s. I use a thin layer over my entire face, or over particularly blemish prone areas (ie. cheeks and chin) both morning and night. This really has improved my skin tremendously, I’m actually on my 3rd tube. It reduces blemishes considerably, to the point where I went months without a spot – through that time of the month too! What I really love is that it has improved the texture on my cheeks and it also reduces the brown/red markings that spots leave, clearing my skin much quicker.
I couldn’t recommend this kit more, it really is worth investing in and trying out if you have oily and sensitive, blemish prone skin. I definitely think this will work for all ages. After all, if it doesn’t work, you can always get your money back!
Have you tried anything from La Roche-Posay?
Love, Kate xo
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