Ever since I discovered my beloved Effaclar Duo, I’ve been keen to try other products from the La-Roche Posay range. As I’d been using the aforementioned instead of a moisturiser, trying one of their moisturisers would be the logical next step.
As my skin is a tad on the oily side thanks to my T-Zone but with my current skincare routine working its magic it seemed only appropriate to try Effaclar Mat. This moisturiser is for oily/combination skin and keeps oil at bay throughout the day.
I really like this on my skin, especially after using Effaclar Duo as it leaves me with a smooth but hydrated base for my make up. It sinks in quite quickly but it doesn’t feel dry on my skin. My make up lasts longer and goes on more evenly.
Have you tried any La Roche-Posay products?
Love Katie xo
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