It’s been just over a year since I raved about the original La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo and it’s amazing powers. Fast forward to now and there’s a new kid in town – Effalcar Duo+* – a new and improved formula which also targets imperfections that spots cause.
I won’t go over the original details too much as I did before but this stuff is fantastic. I’ve never had massively spotty skin but I’ve always found those little buggers emerge at the most opportune moments and spread like wildfire. I suffer with these bumps that are almost spot like on my cheeks which really don’t do the texture of my skin any favours.
I’d used the original formula for months and literally did not break out. Then, after kind of forgetting to repurchase (and my diet going downhill)  – my skin started break out and the bumps re-emerged.
Since starting to use this again, my skin has improved massively – spots have reduced and the bumps have almost gone. One thing this version does that the other didn’t is rid my skin of those awful scars that spots leave, where the skins pigmentation is darkened. Duo+ is a lifesaver for this and also tones down redness that irritated, spot prone skin can have. I use this both morning and night before I moisturise and it is a very lightweight and fast absorbing formula.
I’m really impressed by the new formula and believe it to be a definite improvement on an already fantastic product.
Have you tried this?
Love, Katie xo
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