Now I know this is a pretty unseasonal review but I used this facial SPF throughout my trip to Australia and it worked wonders! So naturally, I need to spread the word and I know there’s a fair few people that escape the winter chill of the UK and head for warmer climates.
Before I went away, I knew I needed a decent facial one to wear on it’s down and under make up but I really didn’t know where the heck to start! The world of SPFs can be a little overwhelming as these days there’s more choice than ever before.
I’m a huge La Roche-Posay fan and french skincare brands usually know what they’re doing so I headed to Boots and started looking through the skincare aisles. After attempting to read the French labels and remembering I needed to read the small, English print, I eventually came across the Anthelios XL SPF range. I knew I had to get the Ultra-Light version because I wanted something that didn’t feel heavy on my face whilst still maintaining a high spf.
I used a small blob each day and gently glided it onto my skin – I say glided because rubbing this into your face is a massive no-no, purely because it can cause the product to flake off the skin. I was then left with a soft, smooth finish with stickiness. Success!
This is a fantastic SPF because it protects, feels lightweight and is in no way sticky nor does it leave an unflattering white cast on the face. Oh, did I mention it lasts ages?
If you’re after an SPF for your holiday or just for daily use, I’d definitely recommend checking out La Roche-Posay’s SPF range because it’s been brilliant.
What’s your favourite SPF?
Love, Kate xo
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