Getting Lippy with Kiko Cosmetics


Kiko Cosmetics is fast becoming a favourite brand of mine and their Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipsticks* (£10.90) are some of my favourite formula of lipstick. Why they’re called ‘Gossamer Emotion…‘, I’m not quite sure but silly name aside, these are wonderfully formulated lipsticks that are definitely worth picking up.

At the moment I have 3 shades of the lipstick – the lightest, a soft nude (101 Natural Rose), a deeper, pinkish toned nude (103 Powder Pink) and a mid-toned bright pink (120 Intense Pink). There are currently a whopping 30 shades ranging from nudes to browns, pinks to reds and purples to corals and there’s even a black shade. So, it is safe to say there’s a shade for everyone.

kiko-cosmetics-lipstick shade 101 Natural Rose
kiko-cosmetics-creamy-lipstick shade 103 Powder Pink
kilo-cosmetics-pink-lipstickshade 120 Intense Pink

Shades aside – it has to be said that the packaging is completely satisfying. You click the top button and the lipstick literally pops out. It’s almost gadget like and it leaves me feeling all super spy and like a kick-ass lady. The chrome and gold finish adds to the luxurious feel and I think Kiko have hit the nail on the head with these.

The formula, though creamy is incredibly opaque and lasts nicely on the lips and fades evenly. Scent wise, it’s a soft vanilla almost like ice cream which I really enjoy and the product is moisturising and comfortable on the lips.


Another lip product I’m loving from Kiko is their Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liners* (£5.90) which are equally as fabulous. For me, a lip liner needs to be soft but firm and a creamier formula is usually a winner. Their affordable too which makes me love them even more because they’re a fantastic price and they’re high quality. I’ve been using these over my MAC onces because they’re soft on my lips and don’t drag at all.


I have 3 shades – 307 (Red Peach) which is an orange toned red and is perfect for MAC Lady Danger and Morange plus 315 (Intense Mauve) which as the name would suggest is a mauve that works perfectly with my deeper, nudes and lighter berry shades. The final shade is 313 (Sangria) which is a deep, red toned pink.


These apply to smoothly onto the lips, you could wear them on their own. I find them to match a variety of colours with ease and they last well on the lips plus they are super opaque. I’m quite tempted to pick up some other shades to see how they fare.

Have you tried any Kiko lip products?

Love, Kate xo

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