Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Having blogged for almost two years now, I’m quite astonished that I never knew that legendary actress and author, Joan Collins OBE had her own make up range!

When you think of old school hollywood glamour, Joan definitely comes to mind. Earlier this year, Joan launched Timeless Beauty (how apt!)  a good sized range of make up products from foundation to nail polish to blush to lipstick. There’s definitely something in there for everyone. I was extremely excited to try the products and let you know my thoughts!
Firstly, the packaging is super glamourous and gold which really gives an old school feel and reminds me of Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder. The quality of the packaging is up there with those historical brands, each product feels very luxe and the compacts have a magnetic closer which I think is a lovely touch. Each compact comes with a good sized mirror which makes applying touch ups easy and they are perfect for your handbag. I find these days, a lot of products don’t come with mirrors and if they do they’re not sufficient so these are really refreshing.
Let’s start with the Class Act Mascara* which adds volume and length to the lashes – I found this to be a little too wet for my taste and it didn’t dry as quickly as I’d hoped. So, I did find a little bit of blobbing under my eyes. As with all mascaras, I left it for a week or so and tried it again and it definitely worked a lot better with my lashes. I find sometimes, mascaras need to dry a little to work their best. The mascara wand is a good size, not too big that it overpowers the eye and not too small that you have a lot of work on your hands. The mascara itself is extremely black and really separates the lashes whilst adding a good amount of length and a natural volume. If you like the false lash look, this one probably isn’t for you as its a much more natural finish. I curl my lashes everyday but I have used this without doing so and found it curls the lashes and holds it well. I’d definitely say you can coat this mascara, it’s got enough moisture to allow you to do so without clumping.

This Misty Blacks & Silver Eyeshadow Quad* was a surprising hit for me, the colours weren’t particularly my favourite as I prefer much warmer tones but the consistency of the shadows was beautiful, very buttery and extremely pigmented. The quad contains 3 matte shades and 1 metallic and the metallic was definitely the stand out. What a beautiful shade, it’s almost like foil on the eyelid! I definitely think this palette would be lovely for the more festive season as you can create a really lovely smokey eye. The matte shades are equally as buttery and the black is seriously black which is hard to find with eyeshadows. It could definitely be used as a liner, which I did in the look above. The shadows blend out beautifully and with minimal effort plus they last all day with minimal creasing.
Finally, the Contour Velvet Blush in Dusky Pink* added a lovely flush of colour to my cheeks. The colour is perfectly named as it is very dusky and I think the shade would suit most skin tones. I’m quite a pink cheek kinda girl so this appealed to me straight away. The shade has a slight glitter running through it but this doesn’t translate onto the skin or leave any particles on the skin. I found the powder to be slightly chalky upon swatching but once applied it left a lovely pop of colour on the cheeks. It’s not too pigmented which means it’s easy to work with and you can build up the colour.
I am really impressed with the quality of these products, I had high hopes for the range and they definitely hit the mark. I love the packaging and how vintage it is but the products themselves are really lovely.
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty is available via Joan’s website and also QVC!

Love, Kate xo
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