Jewel Street is a large online marketplace that is home to over 300 jewellery designers so it’s safe to say there’s an extensive amount of beautiful items available. You’ll find the under £20 bargain and stunning pieces up to £5000 so there’s really something for everyone.

One of the many designers on the site is Elizabeth Raine who is London based and has a keen interest in the healing properties of stones and colour. It is through that interest that Elizabeth’s Chakra Gemstone Collection transpired and today I have a piece to show you.
It is an “interchangeable collection of 18 kt gold vermeil jewellerythat is attuned to the vibrational healing energy of the seven associated rainbow coloured gemstones

that assists in balancing the chakras


I have the Amethyst 18-karat Gold Vermeil Crown Pendant *(£120) which is a gorgeous, easy to wear necklace that is very eye-catching in a subtle way. I like to wear this during the day for a lovely pop of colour to my ever black wardrobe but I also think it’s perfect for an evening because of it’s simplicity it won’t make you feel ‘done’. I’m usually a statement necklace wearer but sometimes that can feel a little bit much and this is a great alternative whilst remaining eye-catching.
The Amethyst stone looks different depending on the lighting which I absolutely love. It can look very deep and dark but then in the next instant it’s semi-transparent. The chain feels high-quality and the clasp is sturdy – something which is an absolute must with necklaces.
One thing I really like about the collection is that you can change the stone depending on your preference or mood. The green onyx is definitely one that catches the eye!
Elizabeth Raine’s Amethyst 18-karat Gold Vermeil Crown Pendant is an easy to wear everyday pendant necklace from her Chakra Gemstone Collection. Chakra Pendants can be easily changed to the chain.
  • Amethyst is the healing stone for the Crown Chakra associated with Spirituality.
  • 18-karat gold plated sterling silver
  • Faceted Amethyst
    18-karat gold plated sterling silver chain
  • Dimensions : 16 mm x 16mm round
  • CHAIN SIZE : 18 inches
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Love, Kate xo
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