New Brand Alert | Jenni’s Beauty Lashes

I love lashes! I have completely become a lash convert. Long gone are the days of wiggling my mascara brush in a frenzy, praying for skyscraper lashes. Why pray when you can stick them on and wander round looking like a Disney princess? I jest…kinda.

Enter, Jenni’s Beauty Lashes a new line of lashes lovingly designed and made by a lady called Jennifer Mitchell. She decided to give up her career to pursue her dreams of creating her own line of false lashes. I really admire that, it takes a lot to take a big risk like that but thankfully, I think it’s going to be a good move.

There are currently 4 styles of lashes, all of which are made from 100% human hair and can be worn multiple times (I can definitely vouch for this) and each style comes in a sturdy case for compact and safe storage.

I’ve had chance to try each style for the past few weeks and I am really impressed with the quality of the lashes. As with most lashes, I do have to trim them down to fit my tiny eyes but I think most people have to custom cut lashes to fit.

Each style is different, with a style for everyone which makes the collection interesting.



I think my personal favourite is the Jennifer* (£8.50) which is the thickest looking lash of the range and is very wispy and has a lovely wider edge for a fluttery but feline style. I’ve probably used these the most and whilst I think they are perfect for a more glamorous occasion, they work just as well during the day, especially if you like a more defined eye.

A close second was the Jessica* (£8.50) as they are softly fluttery and a more daily version of the Jennifer style. Victoria* (£8.50) is a more natural, daily definition for the eyes with an extremely lightweight feel, as is the Kayleigh* (£8.50) which I found slightly more lengthening and dainty, which I found caused more care to be needed to avoid loosening the lashes from the strip.

jennis-lashes-victoria jennis-lashes-kayleigh

The lashes also come in the Angel Collection Gift Set* (£30) which is a lovely way of trying all the lashes for a slightly cheaper price. Currently, there is 10% off using the code ANGEL at the checkout – this includes free postage!


Also, it’s worth noting that professional make up artists can enjoy 25% discount.

I’m very impressed with these lashes and whist I do have preferred styles, they’re all lovely. I enjoy finding new lash brands to try and this one has been a great discovery.

What are your favourite lashes?

Love, Kate xo