I honestly don’t know who I am these days, I’ve converted to radiant, glowy skin and I never thought I would. The fear of the “shine” used to be the reason I’d cake on the powder and avoid any dewiness like the plague.
However, in the last month I’ve become a devout convert. Radiant skin be mine! If you have seen my recent Space NK haul you’ll have noticed the distinctive amount of radiance boosting products that I bought.
One of those products was the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light, now I had a bit of a dilemma at first over which shade to get. I was stuck between Dim Light and Luminous Light. In the end I opted forLuminous Light as after all, I’m on a radiant rampage.
What initially drew me to these powders is that they are unlike the standard, often cakey powders that we are used to. No no, these are all about improving the complexion – they give a soft-focus to the skin and reduce the appearance of any imperfections. Yes I am talking to you blemishes, lines and pores.
I am so happy I bought this, it leaves my skin radiant and almost airbrushed. This powderreally is one of a kind – I don’t have to touch up during the day and I’m left radiant and glowing without any shine throughout the day. It can also be used more concentrated as a highlighter – duo product alert!
The only downside is the price tag, at a hefty £38 this isn’t cheap but definitely worth trying. I’m not regretting my purchase at all.
Have you tried these or any other Hourglass product?
Love, Katie xo
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