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#longhairdontcare comes to mind with todays post.
If you follow me on many a social media platform you’ll know I often wear a Halo hairpiece, especially on nights out. Whilst I still love the ease of the Halo, I’ve been itching for something else. It’s really hard to get lost in the blur of hair extensions – there are so many brands out there. I’d been checking out different sites and reviews recently, just out of curiosity more than any thing else. Prior to my Halo, I had not worn extensions since my late teens when I had clip-ins and I also – cringe – glued in pieces.
I wanted easy in-out extensions that I could dye pink with minimal effort. Not much to ask right?
Then I received an email from Dirty Looks, who specialise in clip-in extensions asking if I wanted to try their Full Head Hair Extensions*. Of course I jumped at the chance and thankfully the hair could be dyed.
I was sent the shade 90s Blonde* which is the best choice if you’re going down the pastel hair route. I opted for 16-18ins, so they’d be a little longer than my Halo. The whole design of the packaging is really edgy but simple which I really like and the hair comes with a sample piece which you can open and match up to avoid voiding a return. The hair cannot be sent back with the seal opened and I think this is a fantastic way of ensuring you’re getting the most accurate shade. Pretty nifty huh?
The entire set comes with 10 clip-ins, including one quad weft and the hair is made from real remy human hair so have a very natural look and feel to the hair. The hair is fantastic quality, very soft and well, dreamy. I find myself stroking it a fair bit!
 My hair is very fine and these work brilliantly to add thickness and length where I need it. I’m actually wearing only 7 of the 10 clip-ins and it gives a perfect amount without over loading my head.
The idea is to apply each clip in as follows (they’re numbered!)
They literally take no time whatsoever to put in and they attach easily – I didn’t need to backcomb but I probably will for a night out for extra security. The box comes with extra clips if required along with a super handy guide to applying and caring for the hair.
Obviously, my hair is pink so dying it was essential. Dirty Looks have a fantastic guide on doing this – here. I used my usual Bleach London Rose colour that is already diluted down and applied to the hair, leaving for approx 10-15 minutes before rinsing off. I did find I had to tone the hair with silver shampoo to get the desired colour afterwards but you find with hair extensions that you don’t need to wash them as frequently as your own hair. It’s recommended that you wash the hair around every 6 weeks or when there’s a significant build up of product by using a moisturising shampoo mixed with half a cup of warm water. The idea is to leave it for no more than 10 minutes and rinse out. It is also recommended that you don’t brush the hair whilst it is wet to avoid breakage.
You can use straighteners and curlers on the hair but the less heat the better, just like your own hair. Heat protector and conditioning sprays are recommended also, along with brushing from the tip upwards to get any knots out.
I am so impressed with these clip-ins and I’ve had lots of compliments on how lovely they look and feel. I really recommend these as they’re easily the best clip-ins I’ve tried!
Prices start at £87.49 but they’re currently available for £69.99.
Thank you again to Dirty Looks for sending me these to try!
Have you tried these or any other clip-ins?
Love, Katie xo
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