HAUL | That time I took two trips to Lush and not a single f*ck was given

Sometimes you run out of bath goodies and it feels like the world is ending…this happened the other week when I had no bath bombs or bubble bars in my bathroom. I’ve sadly become to reliant on stock piling bits from Lush that it resulted in two trips and over flowing baskets.


Look at all the pretties!
I did actually get more than this but they were duplicates because I definitely have my favourites that I must have in stock at all times. I also branched out and picked some different bath bombs to try too – if your favourite isn’t in this post, please comment telling me to try it! After all, you can’t beat a fancy bath can you?
I’ve mentioned my favourites – The Comforter, Butterball and Avobath previously so I won’t go on about how lovely they are but I thought I’d go into more detail about the ones I picked up during my shopping spree(s).


lush-blackberry-bath-bombBlackberry Bath Bomb (£3.25) – I suffer with anxiety and I find it really hard to unwind and just relax so this one caught my eye right away. The bergamot and frankinscence work well uplift and calm which I felt worked really well to let me just release all that pressure. The water turns a gorgeous purple shade too which I really enjoyed so naturally I picked up another one.


Buffy (£11.45) – Not a bath bomb but this is a product I adore but strangely haven’t featured on my blog. Not only is it named after my all time favourite TV show character and all round girl crush but it works extremely well at ‘slaying’ dead skin cells but also leaving my skin extremely nourished and moisturised. It’s an odd texture – whilst it’s abrasive, it’s also rather creamy which shouldn’t work but it does.


Fizzbanger (£3.35) – I wasn’t so sure on the scent as I felt it was a little too zesty for my taste but with a name like fizzbanger, I couldn’t not put it in by basket. I’m so glad I did – not only does it create the most beautiful, magical array of colours but it pops and fizzes as it goes. I love how relaxing and throughly enjoyable it was!


May Day (£2.95) – A limited edition bath bomb that was a complete guilt free purchase as all proceeds go to the ‘Vote for Animals’ campaign which was around the time of the general election earlier this month. This was gorgeously fruity and left my bath very creamy and foamy which I loved.




Honey Bee & Sex Bomb (£3.35 each) – I’ve yet to try these two but they looked and sounded pretty fabulous.
All in all, I had a pretty good haul! I’m stocked up until at least mid-June now.
What’s your go to Lush product?


Love, Kate xo
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