ghd is a pretty well known brand, their straighteners are easily one of the best selling beauty products around. What’s less known about ghd is there fabulous hair care line!
I had the pleasure of trying out some of their line recently and they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to products that enhance the hair. I’ve tried their Total Volume Foam* before and it’s a great, lightweight product that adds a natural lift to the hair and gives it more body. As it’s a foam, I find it works better in my fine hair than a mousse which can sometimes weigh my hair down.
I love a good hair brush and the Paddle Brush* has been a godsend! I wear clip-in extensions on a daily basis and I find they get easily knotty so brushing without snagging is really important. This brush not only glides through my own hair (and my extensions) with ease but it works well to smooth the hair to give a much more polished, de-frizzed look.
Another product I’ve been super impressed with is the Final Shine Spray* which surprised me a little because I’ve never really been fussed for shine sprays in the past. I often find them a little overwhelming on my hair and can lead to my freshly washed locks looking a little greasy. Thankfully, that is not the case with ghd’s version. It not only adds a lovely amount of shine but it also works almost like a light hold hairspray. This is a great final step in my haircare routine as it really locks in the shine and also tames any flyways as well as keeping everything in place. I think this is a product that’s very easy to dismiss but 100% worth a try.
ghd have FREE DELIVERY on all orders!
Have you tried any haircare products from ghd before?
Love, Kate xo
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