I’ll be honest, I’ve been thinking about getting lip fillers for quite some time now. It’s always a bit of an iffy subject, either you’re all for them or you’re massively against them – there’s really no in-between. I am so unhappy with my lips, they’re very wonky and my top lip is very thin in comparison to my bottom lip. I feel lipstick doesn’t sit right and I am constantly overdrawing my lips.


So, I have been researching for months and along the way I came across these lip enhancers from a company called Fullips! They have a range of plastic self-suction devices that temporarily enhance the lips without the need for injections or fillers.
I have the Three Multi-Pack* ($49.99) – all of which have different shapes for different lips. I tend to use the Small Oval* as it fits my top lip in perfectly.
The kit comes with a little tooth brush to exfoliate the lips before using. The idea is to ensure your lips are wet before placing the enhancer on your lips and lightly sucking in 30 second bursts. You can do this numerous times for the desired effect. The longer you use the enhancer, the bigger your lips expand and the longer the effect lasts. I find this lasts a good 4/6 hours on me and it’s perfect for nights out.
I think the results speak for themselves…
Pretty incredible right? This is just a few 30 second increments – I’ve done it for longer before and my lips have looked even better. I definitely think they’re a good way to go if you don’t want to use fillers as they’re a temporary fix.
Fullips are available online and they ship to the UK.
I’ve been using these for a few months now and whilst I am really impressed, I think my mind is made up for having fillers.
What do you make of these and what are your thoughts on lip fillers?
Love, Kate xo
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