Who’d have thought Rihanna was on her 7th fragrance?
I was excited to try Rogue Love(from £23.00) after using the original Rogue scent last year. I’m not the biggest fan of celebrity perfumes because lets be honest, there’s been some horrific offerings over the years.
As with Rogue, the bottle is very eye catching whilst remaining sleek and understated which I love. The scent is centred around the feeling of falling in love – that indescribable, uplifting feeling that’s very flirty and sensual.
With notes of mandarin and peach as well as honeysuckle and orchid, it’s a great mix of floral and fruity with depth coming from amber and caramel.
It really reminds me of Viva La Juicy which is one of the only sweet scents that I actually enjoy. I’m definitely more of a musky, almost unisex fragrance wearer.
The only downside I have is that it’s not particularly long lasting but for the price, it’s not really an issue.
Have you tried any Rihanna perfumes?
Love, Kate xo
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