If you’d asked me 2 years ago if I preferred a muslin cloth or a flannel – I’d have laughed my head off. I was the ‘Queen of Baby Wipes‘, I am sad to say. Hold up, did I just admit that?
Fast forward to today and I’m firmly a flannel kinda gal. I love the way they break down make up and buff any dead skin cells away. I can get quite vigorous without ripping half my face off too – bonus!
I’m all for new beauty bits and bobs so I recently tried out the Exfolia Microexfoliation Cloth*, which is designed to not only clean the face but exfoliate it deeply too. The idea is to dampen the cloth with warm water and gently swipe across the face to remove any traces of make up or dirt and then use it to buff across the skins surface to get rid of dead skin cells, leaving you with a much smoother, newer and more radiant skin.
I’ll admit, my skin felt a damn sight smoother after repeated use of the cloth which I really liked. I really like when a product provides an instant result. However, I felt the texture of the cloth once mixed with water, turned into an industrial paper towel. You know, those ones you used to get at school. I found it quite difficult to move it across my face so I needed to be a bit more vigorous with removing dirt and exfoliating which left my skin a little on the red side.
I think I’ll stick with my good ol’ flannels in the future.
Are you a cloth or flannel user?

Love, Kate xo
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