Since I discovered Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude over a year ago, I’ve been pretty smitten. I adore perfumes that sit a little heavy, have a woody edge and just generally smell sexy. I didn’t think any other Estee Lauder perfume could match it – until I got a whiff of Modern Muse.
I first smelt it late last year, I sprayed a card and this is no exaggeration – I walked round sniffing it for a good 20 minutes, completely in awe. What’s even more amazing is that I left the card in my car and it continued to smell beautiful 3 weeks later.
Christmas morning came and thankfully Santa had left me a cheeky 50ml bottle in my stocking. I adore this perfume, it’s just as lovely as Sensuous Nude but a little fresher and lighter.
“Modern Muse was inspired by the complexity of a modern woman, with the same dynamic contrasts as her life and her personality. Her creative energy and magnetic femininity are captured by its multi-faceted, sparkling floralcy. Her sleek style, strength and sensuality by its sleek woods.
 Who is a Modern Muse?
A chic new vision of today’s woman. 
 She’s confident and independent, soft and strong, feminine yet dynamic.Stylish and original, she inspires everyone she meets–without saying a word.”

Well, that’s the thought behind the fragrance – quite poetic don’t ya think?
I can definitely see myself wearing this throughout the summer, both day and night. It’s the perfect mix of floral but woody so you get the best of both.
Notes in this fragrance include:
• Exotic Mandarin
• Honeysuckle Nectar
• Dewy Petals
• Jasmine Sambac
• China Absolute
• Tuberose Fleur Fir Nat
• Fresh Lily
• Patchouli Coeur
• Patchouli Crist
• Amber Wood
• Suede Musk
• Madagascar Vanilla SFE
I’ve always been pretty diabolical at describing fragrances but I highly recommend this one and demand you go give it a whiff! I’ve got my eye on Sensuous Noir at the moment but sadly, my perfume stash overfloweth.

Which types of fragrances do you find yourself drawn to?

Love, Katie xo
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