I swear my blog is slowly but shortly becoming a foundation only zone. I’d like to say this will be the last foundation related review, but I just don’t see that happening myself.
Estée Lauder’s Double Wear foundation is one of the most popular foundations here in the UK and I first spotted this many moons ago on Pixiwoo and ultimately, it forced its way onto my wish list. No surprises there.
So, when I was at my local Cosmetics Company Store (if you come across one, make sure you have your pennies) I finally took the plunge and about DW for a cheeky £19! It was hard to decide on a colour but I chose 2C2 Pale Almond and luckily it was quite a good match!
So what’s it like?
This foundation is a medium but buildable foundation, which always ticks the box for me and boasts a 15 hour staying power. I do find this is one of my most long wearing foundations and I’ve found it’s my new go to foundation for nights out. I love the coverage, especially on an evening where I need my make up to last which this does really well. With an SPF of 10, I don’t need to worry about flashback in photographs and the dreaded ghost face (y’know super white face, brown body!)
The only downside would be that its a screwtop bottle. *breathe*
The finish is a semi-matte which is my usual preference and as it is oil free I’ve noticed that I only really have to powder after application and I’m shine free all day.
Super impressed with this foundation, I’m just shocked its taken me so long to buy!
Have you tried this? Or any Estée Lauder foundations?
Love, Katie xo
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