Usually when something is hyped up and rather hard to get hold of, it makes you crave it even more. In the case of Elizabeth and James Nirvana White EDP, it was so much more than that. So much so, I came away with the perfume and the roller ball.

Now, lemme start by saying this wonderful fragrance is not currently available in the UK which I believe is a complete and utter travesty. Forrealz. Sephora won’t ship it because it’s a fragrance and postal of liquids is pretty much a no-no these days. Luckily, when I visited Sydney they had a Sephora which had just opened and Nirvana White was pretty much the first thing I picked up. After hearing so many rave reviews, I knew it had to be mine…and the rollerball too.
I’ll give you a little background on Elizabeth and James the brand, it was established back in 2007 by once tween idols and fashionistas, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (who loved Two of a Kind?!). It is a contemporary, upscale brand which “distills duality between feminine sophistication and tailored structure”.
Now, I’m not the greatest at describing fragrances so I won’t pretend I am but I can safely say that this has fast become one of, if not my favourite scent of all time. Yup – in almost 6 weeks, this scent has barely left my side. I knew as soon as I smelt it that the rollerball was coming along for a ride in my basket too. I’m very much a lover of more sultry, musky scents and if I’m going floral it’s got to be sophisticated and sexy at the same time. For me, Nirvana White just ticks all those boxes and more.
The scent is feminine with a sophisticated feel which I feel is down to the peony and tender musk. I think that it is the perfect all rounder scent as it works for both day and night. It is extremely long lasting which thankfully means I don’t have to worry about using up too much of my 30ml bottle. Speaking of the bottle, it is very sleek and luxe which I adore as it really represents the fragrance.
I picked up the rollerball for my bag which was the best idea ever. Why doesn’t the UK market get on the rollerball hype and make them more widely available? They are definitely missing a beat there.
The other scent in the Nirvana range is Nirvana Black which is a much heavier, more androgynous scent. I think I may pick that up when I’m in the US later this year because I wish I’d bought it before. I think I was trying to not be too silly and avoid buying two fragrances.
The 30ml bottle is $55.00 in the US, I think it was a bit pricier in Australia but it works out at around £40.00 mark which I think is reasonable considering how luxe this is. The scent has quite a Tom Ford level vibe and I know if it was available in the UK, it would be a damn site more expensive.
Whilst I’m sad it’s not available in the UK, I’m quite happy that I have it as it’s a unique scent that hardly anyone has smelt. There’s nothing worse than someone smelling you and knowing exactly what scent it is. It’s nice to be a little different.
What’s your favourite fragrance?
Love, Kate xo
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