For some time, I’ve had patches of un-even skin tone on my face, mainly around my cheeks and jaw line. So I jumped at the chance of trying the Elemis Advanced Brightening Even Tone Serum*
I’m a massive fan of Elemis and it was one of the first higher-end skincare brands that I tried. I’ve been using this serum morning/night for the past month or so and I wanted to give it a good go before writing my review. Skincare is very personal and not everyone get’s the same results as we all have different skin types and issues.
The serum has a creamy consistency and colour when it is dispensed from the pump but when applied to the skin it feels quite gel like in texture. There isn’t much of a scent to the serum which I don’t feel is an issue at all. At first it feels quite tacky on the skin but sinks in very quickly, leaving a slight residue. I apply my moisturiser afterwards and find they sandwich together well.
It has a unique mix of daisy and pea extracts which are encapsulated with Vitamin C which work to reduce dark spots and existing imperfections to give the skin a much more radiant and even skin tone.
After using this for some time, I’ve found my skin looks much more radiant and the areas of redness, especially on my jaw line have improved significantly. In fact, I hardly have to conceal these areas anymore which was something that really irritated me when applying make up.
I definitely recommend this product if you have areas which you feel you have to conceal and your skin feels dull and needs a boost. I’m really impressed and the bottle is a generous 30ml which I know will last me much further than the past month or so that I’ve been using it. I also want to note that the packaging is perfect, the pump dispenses the right amount of product and it’s very lightweight and compact, so perfect for your overnight bag.
The serum is £59 which is not cheap but I always believe in investing in skincare and I’ve found this has made a difference in a month. I find with skincare, you want to see results to justify the price and this serum definitely does that.
Do you use a serum?
Love, Katie xo
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