I’ve dabbled with Elemis on/off for years – I remember my Mum getting me a gorgeous Christmas set a few years back and I absolutely adored it. I’d never really thought to try the Fresh Skin range which is aimed at those in their teens/twenties but I’m sure glad I did.
Elemis Fresh Skin – Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash* : I wasn’t sure what to expect with this simply because it is a face wash and an exfoliator all in one. I’d use this as part of a double cleanse – removing my make up with micellar water first and then moving onto Skin Glow. I firstly dampen my face and take a small blob and work it in circular motions around my face before removing with a hot cloth/flannel. You can definitely feel the beads, they are quite abrasive but not in an uncomfortable or harsh way. They’re just the right level of exfoliation so you can feel them working. The product itself is very fruity which immediately drew me – cherry powder and jojoba beads to exfoliate and mandarin and aniseed to soften. My face feels softer and not at all dry.
Full 100ml – £13.00
Elemis Fresh Skin – Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask* :  A cheaper alternative to the Origins Drink Up Intensive? Quite possibly. The masks come in 7ml sachets which is enough for multiple uses. Whilst this mask does remind me a tad of marzipan, it’s not an overpowering scent.
The mask is applied to clean sink for approx 10mins, I’ve left it overnight myself and it works just as well. My skin does feel much more alive and radiant – perfect for those with dry skin or who’s face just needs a help in the hydration department every now and again.
Elemis Fresh Skin – Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask* : Definitely one aimed towards the oiler skinned gal – very similar to the clay masks from REN etc. Again, 7ml goes a long way and you don’t need to blather your skin in the mask. It takes approx 5-10 mins to dry and can be removed with a hot cloth/flannel. I could definitely see the impurities had been drawn out especially around my nose as my pores we’re less defined and my skin felt clearer. I’m a big fan of clay masks in general and this one is just as good as the rest – my face didn’t feel tight or lacking in moisture at all.
x3 of each face mask – £16.00
Elemis Fresh Skin – Dreamy Sleep Night Time Moisturiser* : Probably my least favourite just because it has quite a herby scent that doesn’t appeal to me. That being said, that’s not to say it isn’t good because it works quite well. I think it’s a tad too heavy for my oily skin, a little oily even but it would be more suited to drier skin. I’d only need to use a tiny amount to hydrate and moisturise my skin overnight.
full 50ml – £21.00
Elemis Fresh Skin – Softly Softly Day Moisturiser* : This is a lovely lightweight weight daily moisturiser which leaves the skin extremely soft without being too heavy prior to make up. I think a light moisturiser on a morning works so much better than layering your skin with too many products. It is not at all greasy which is a big plus for me, having oiler skin and sinks in quickly without compromising on moisture and hydration.
full 50ml – £21.00
Elemis Fresh Skin – Tired Eyes Soothing Eye Rescue* : This is possibly my favourite of all the products I’ve tried so much so it featured in last months favourites video. I’ve had trouble with my eyes in recent months, they’ve become quite chapped and sore so I’ve had to be careful what I use on them. The gel dispenses via a pump which isn’t as reliable as I’d hope but the product inside is wonderful. It’s a very cooling and hydrating gel that really breathes life back to my under eye area. I use this both morning (mainly to de-puff) and night (to hydrate). The gel sinks in nicely, with no sting and that’s a-okay with me!
full 15ml – £16.00
Overall, I am so impressed by this range from Elemis – if you’re a teen/20s and you want high quality but affordable skincare aimed at your skin then you’re in the right place. I’ve found not a lot of higher end brands target younger skin and that’s why I think FreshSkin works so well. It’s also a great starting point for those without a routine, who may feel a little overwhelmed.
What’s brilliant about Elemis is that they always have wonderful gift and starter sets too.
Have you tried Elemis products before?
Love, Katie xo
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