HAUL | That time I went to Dubai and raided Sephora

Good evening from Dubai! It’s currently 23:55pm and I’m flying to Perth tomorrow morning so I’ll make it quick – I spent some of my pennies on make up…and sunglasses.

I hope you enjoy this video, I kept in a few drunken, motherly quirps from Mama Sugarfixx and remember…there ain’t no shame in being a #SephoratheWhora or #feelingspendy.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kg-Mb1ZZrEY]
I must say goodnight and hopefully you’ll hear more from me once I touch down in Oz!
Also – cannot get over how fast this video uploaded, just 18 minutes!!
Love you all and don’t forget to subscribe šŸ™‚


Love, Kate xo
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