It’s safe to say that sugarfixxbeauty has been full of high-end products for the past few months and I’ve been under a real luxury spell. I haven’t actually bought anything from the drugstore in the longest time – I bought a few NYX goodies in Target when I was in Perth but other than that, the aisles of Boots and Superdrug have gone largely unnoticed.
My spending habits needed to be reigned in as I’m meant to be saving for my trip to New York but being the addict I am, I still feel the urge to spend. The drugstore is definitely more purse friendly and  you get more for your money – I need to remember that sometimes!

So, I picked up a few unnecessary items from Boots and Superdrug and thought you’d appreciate a lil’ video!
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It was mainly base products that I picked up – y’know because numerous concealers and foundations can’t be ignored. Especially when there’s so many good offers about!
What are you loving from the drugstore at the moment?
Love, Kate xo
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