Dr Jart+ Water Fuse BB Cream


When my GlossyBox arrived this month, I was really impressed with the items that I received especially the Dr Jart+ Water Fuse BB Cream.

 I’ve heard such good things about this BB Cream, mainly that it is the top selling BB Cream in Asia (where BB Creams originated).
I’ve only tried the Maybelline BB cream and thought that one was alright, nothing special but it gave horrendous flashback due to it being SPF 35. Anyway, I was happy to receive a generous 15ml sample and gave it a go right away. I really like this BB Cream for days, like today when I really can’t be bothered or want a full coverage. It’s very lightweight and a light but good coverage, there’s only one shade but it adapted to my skintone really well. I didn’t have to use much concealer either, I have a few chin blemishes at the moment that needed more coverage. It’ll be perfect for the summer where I want a more natural coverage. The BB Cream has SPF 25 which is perfect for helping protect my skin from the sun.
This is definitely one I’ll be using for low-maintinance days!
Does anyone else use this? or BB Creams in general?