I’ve become a bit of a contour and highlight fiend in recent months and I fancied getting a palette. So, I picked up the Crownbrush 10 Colour Concealer Palette after seeing Liza & Zoe use it over the past few months.
As you can see there’s a vast array of shades so this palette is perfect for all skin tones. Primarily it’s marketed as a concealer palette for make up artistry but it’s the perfect cream contour/highlight palette. The formula is very creamy but quite thick so you have to work with the products quite quickly to blend in.
I started by applying my foundation – L’Oreal True Match and applying the colours over. There’s no strict rule for whether you apply it over or under your foundation. In fact with cream products, applying foundation isn’t necessary as the product covers pretty much your whole face.
The basis of contouring – now I’m not a professional obviously – is to darken and create shadows where you want to sculpt the face. I usually work the product down my cheekbones, under my chin, round my hairline and down the sides of my nose.
For highlighting – it’s pretty simple, you add lighter products where you want to “lift” the skin – under the eyes and the top of the cheek bones, down the centre of the nose, cupids bow, forehead and chin. Basically, anywhere where you’re not contouring.
For your nose, I’d take two smaller, dense eye brushes for applying because the area is much smaller than the rest of your face.
I’ll admit, it is quite a laugh looking at your face pre-blending – you do kinda look insane! It looks a bit of a hot mess but once you start blending it’ll all become more wearable.
Blending is absolutely key – you want to probably use two brushes, one for the darker, contour colours and one for the lighter, highlighting colours. The more you blend, the more natural it looks.
I’ve gone for quite a quick, minimal contour/highlight because I’m not that good at it.  It’s a nice way to give yourself a little facelift and add more definition and sculpting.
What do you think – are you pro-contour/highlighting or not?
Love, Katie xo
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