Cocoa Brown Tan

Firstly, these pictures do not do this tan justice at all (goddamn bathroom lighting) – Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter* is easily one of the best tans I’ve used. I’ll be honest, I go through phases with fake tan, sometimes I’m extremely methodical at maintaining a bronzed glow and other times I generally can’t be bothered. I think it’s the whole applying and drying process that I struggle with, that and the stench of biscuits.

Cocoa Brown is fast becoming one of the most talked about tans out there and I was excited to give it a whirl. The tan is designed to show golden results within the hour, I definitely found there to be a light tan within that time but I prefer to have a much darker, deeper tan. Go dark or go home! So, I tend to leave this on overnight and shower off any excess the next morning. Thankfully, it dries ridiculously quickly and my bedding is left sans tan. I much prefer mousse tans, they seem to apply much easier and even than a lotion or spray. I also used their Tough Stuff body scrub which is fantastic at buffing away skin on the most porous areas; elbows, knees, hands and feet. I’ve had no incidents of bad tanning with this and I’ll be honest I’ve had to rock a brown hand or two in my time.

There’s absolutely no biscuit scent, I’d say the scent is more so like that of a hair mousse strangely but it is not particularly potent. I can’t stand overly biscuit-y smells even after you’ve showered.

The tan I’m left with is very deep and lasts a good 5 days which is perfect as I’d rather apply tan once a week than consecutive nights to get a good result. The tan fades evenly and without any obvious lines, I’ve found some tans leave me with diamond shape on the inside of my arms. Thankfully, Cocoa Brown doesn’t and I’m thrilled with the results.

Have you tried this?

Love, Katie xo

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