Introducing Cheeky by Cowshed



Meet Cheeky, the naughty but nice little sister brand to Cowshed!
I have two products from the range to tell you about today and when I received my package I was truly excited. Cheeky has a wide range of products to primp and preen from head to toe – from haircare to body to cosmetics to haircare. Safe to say I had a reason to be excited!
Before I get on to the products, I just want to comment on how lovely the packaging is. It’s very high quality and I love that it a monochrome with a pop of colour.
First up is the Bright As A Button Dry Body Buff (200g)* which is a very different product for me, instead of exfoliating the skin whilst in the shower/bath, you actually apply this dry buff before washing. I absolutely love the scent, it reminds me of the crisp saltiness of the sea. This is infused with Dead Sea Salt, Papaya Extract and Olive Oil. The product is already loose and is very crumbly which makes for a slightly messy application, so I suggest doing this in the shower pre-well…shower. I applied it on the bathroom floor which was a complete fail. Basically, you apply this in circular motions all over and then jump in the shower to rinse off.
Oh my word! 
This stuff is insanely amazing. It was one of those moments where you actually shout “this sh*t is incredible!“. No sooner had the water hit my body and my skin felt like a babies. The scales had vanished – even those hard to get around the backs of my legs.
Face wise, I have the Freeze Frame Make Up Setting Spray (100ml)* which comes in a generous 100ml bottle. I’ve tried a few make up setting sprays over the years but never really stuck to any. Once you’ve applied your make up the trick is to apply the spray equally across your face, keeping the bottle at arms length. I’ve found this really extends the length of my make up and keeps everything in place. It’ll definitely be used before a night out!
Will you be checking Cheeky out?
Love, Kate xo
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