Ah, my new favourite obsession – Charlotte Tilbury.
I recently posted about my lip-enhancing combo from the brand and today I have a review of my first eyeshadow palette! When I went to London and drooled about Selfridges, I took a fair bit of time deciding on which of the Luxury Palette‘s to buy. The obvious choice was the Dolce Vita one which is absolutely beautiful but it seems everyone picks that one and I wanted to be a little different but also go for colours that I can’t really find in my other palettes.
I settled on the beautiful, purple toned The Vintage Vamp Luxury Palette which I am so, so pleased with. It’s unlike anything I have in my stash and the colours are very purple toned which I don’t normally wear but it just seems to work with my skin tone and hair. Success!
Let’s take a moment to appreciate the palette and the packaging – seriously stunning and quite possibly the most beautiful palette I own. The packaging for this, and the entire brand for that matter is very luxe and classy which I adore. I know we shouldn’t buy things for the packaging but that’s always an extremely welcome bonus.


Onto the shades – each palette comes with 4 colours: a base shade to “prime”, a medium shade to “enhance”, a deeper shade to “smoke” and a glitter to “pop”. I love this concept, each shade is marked out with a specific duty, if you will and it’s a great step-by-step guide to applying the colours. Of course, you can have free reign to do whatever you please!
The base colour (“prime”) is an almost lilac toned champagne, it’s much cooler toned than the usual cream base shades that you get. It’s definitely the coolest of the palette but it’s a lovely, buttery wash of colour across the lids. It’s shimmery without being too shimmery and it leaves the most beautiful iridescence on the eyelids.


I usually apply the “enhance” shade in the outer 3rd of my eye to add more colour and depth to the eye. This is a lovely burnt, slightly copper toned brown that’s unusually cool. It’s very hard to describe but it blends beautifully into the much lighter shade without much effort. This has the finest shimmer particles in it which add light and depth perfectly.
The “smoke” shade is probably my favourite as it really adds depth and a soft smoke to the eye when worked into the crease. It’s a purple toned, deep brown with slight matte feel without being matte. See  – this palette is so different to anything I own as the shades are so unusual. Whilst it looks like it has quite a bit of shimmer (as shown in the swatch), it actually applies much more like a matte, making it the perfect crease shade.
Finally, the glitter “pop” shade, which is a golden, coppery glitter which can be applied very lightly, for a light catching final touch or it can be packed on for a much more festive finish. This shade is beautiful, although I wouldn’t use it for everyday – it would be perfect for Christmas! Tick tock, it’s not too far away too.
I am besotted with this palette, it’s luxurious whilst remaining worth every single penny. The shades are the most complimentary mix that are extremely pigmented and long lasting. I find them to have little fall out and they feel very buttery and smooth to the touch. They also blend like a dream!
I’m eyeing up another palette and I might buy a few for Christmas presents. They are a hefty £38 for 4 shadows but I totally justified it by comparing them to the Tom Ford Quads which are an eye watering £63 – almost £30 off, bargain. *facepalm*
Have you tried one of the luxury palettes?


Love, Kate xo
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