Today, Friday 27th March is the release date of Disney’s live action version of the classic fairytale,  Cinderella. I for one am extremely excited to see the movie this weekend especially as Cinderella was one of the first Disney movies I saw as a young girl some 20-something years ago.
If you’ve been living under a rock then you won’t know about MAC Cosmetics Disney Cinderella make up collection to coincide with the release of the movie. In recent years, I haven’t particularly got excited about new collections but this is definitely one that caught my eye and pretty much every other girls eye in the process.

Now, this is where you’re all going to hate me during this post – the collection sold out in record time and I mean record time. There was absolute carnage and many people were left a little bereft when they couldn’t get their hands on items. I had to ring round department stores before work to try and buy items before they all went. Was I in my right mind? Probably not but this isn’t what this post is about. I managed to get through to the lovely ladies at MAC in Fenwick, York who put 3 pieces aside for me and I collected them after work. I knew I definitely wanted the palette and a lipstick but the fluidline was a last minute addition to my haul.
Firstly – the packaging is so pretty! I love the pale blue and gold and the lipstick has a purple duo-chrome feel to it which really adds to the magic of the movie.


The Stroke of Midnight Palette (£38.50) was top of my wish list as soon as I saw the promotional images for the collection. It has 6 beautiful, extremely wearable shades and I think this is a great ‘starter’ kit for anyone. The palette includes 5 permanent shadows – Vapour, Phloof, Omega, Quarry and Satin Taupe plus the limited edition shade – Stroke of Midnight. This palette has a good balance of matte and shimmer as well as light and dark shades. I’m really happy I got this palette as it’s rekindled my love for MAC eyeshadows plus it’s the perfect travel companion.
There were two lipsticks in the collection and I went for Royal Ball (£15.50), the more pinky and opaque of the two shades. It’s a lustre finish and the shade is a lovely mix of pink, nude and peach to wash over the lips. I think this is a great lipstick to layer on top of lip liner as it’s not a distinctive enough colour on it’s own. I think it catches the light nicely and has a lovely rosy glow to it but it wasn’t a necessity!
Sadly, I think buying the Little Black Bow Fluidline (£15.50) was a bit of a duff move – it’s a different kind of eyeliner shade for me as it’s quite a light, steely grey with slight shimmered flecks which I thought looked really pretty. However, for me – it just doesn’t work on my top lash line at all. I’d have preferred if it was deeper and more opaque. I think I’m going to try this as an all over base for an intense smoky eye and see if I can make it work.
Overall, I’m quite happy with my purchases although I could have lived without them. Sometimes the inner make up addict calls and you have to jump! The collection is very pretty and light which would suit most tastes but it’s not the best MAC has ever done.
So, to those who sadly didn’t get any of the products – don’t worry because there’s always going to be 2017’s Beauty and the Beast which MAC must do a collection for!


Love, Kate xo
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