Bumble and bumble is a brand that I lust after on a regular basis. I want what every girl wants, locks that look healthy and stylish without any effort.
My hair lacks serious texture, without curling or adding volume it tends to look very limp and lifeless. That’s probably due to my severe lack of layers so I can use all the help I can get. I’ve used the Bumble and bumble Surf Spray loads but find it a tad too drying for every day use. Texture is like the creme equivalent of Surf Spray only less drying.
Whilst my hair is wet, I use a small 5p sided blob of creme and work in a scrunching motion through the mid to end lengths of my hair and using the excess on my roots. I then blow dry, repeating the scrunching motion throughout.
I really like how this makes my hair feel and look, with more structure and a gritty hold – this works great on its own or with different styling tools.
Have you used this? Or other Bumble and bumble products?

Love Katie xo
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