I’ve had a bit of a divided opinion on Bourjois mascaras in the past. I enjoyed the Volumizer Mascara but didn’t get along with the Fan-Tastic Volume Mascara.
Enter the newest release from the brand, Volume 1 Seconde Mascara* with it’s sleek silver packaging and plastic wand. At first, I wasn’t completely sold – I found it a little too wet and difficult to work with especially under my eyes. I think, like a lot of mascaras it needed to dry up a little before it worked wonders. Anyone else find this with mascaras?
Fast forward a week or so later and I’ve really found myself enjoying this mascara more than I thought I would and it’s not left my lashes. The mascara works well applied with 1 coat, giving lots of length and volume straight away. However, I left it for a few seconds and re-applied and found that the mascara lengthened and dramatised my lashes even further.
I love a mascara that volumises and lengthens and this one ticks all the boxes for me. It makes even my little peepers much bigger and brighter with minimal effort. The lashes don’t feel heavy, clumped or crispy at all.
I honestly think you can’t go wrong with a drugstore mascara and I really recommend this one if you’re after volume and length.
Which is your current go-to mascara?
Love, Katie xo
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